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Position Announcements

None at this time.

Calls for Chapters and Manuscripts 

The Middle Grades Review is pleased to announce a call for the next three issues. Issue 5(3): Theme Issue: Democracy in Middle Grades Education – Submission Date: September 15, 2019, Anticipated Publication Date: December 2019

Calls for Presentations 

 None currently.

New Publications

Handbooks of Research/Resources in Middle Level Education

The series editors of the Handbooks of Research/Resources in Middle Level Education proudly announce our newest volumes:

** Research Volumes**

Equity & Cultural Responsiveness in the Middle Grades, (2019), edited by Kathleen Brinegar, Lisa Harrison, & Ellis Hurd.

Preparing Middle Level Educators for 21st Century Schools: Enduring Beliefs, Changing Times, Evolving Practices, (2018), edited by Penny Howell, Shawn Faulkner, Jeanneine Jones, & Jan Carpenter.

** Resources Volumes **

The Online Classroom: Resources for Effective Middle Level Virtual Education (2018), edited by Brooke B. Eisenbach & Paula Greathouse

Literature Reviews in Support of the Middle Level Education Research SIG Agenda (2018), edited by Steven B. Mertens & Micki M. Caskey. 

This volume contains the literature reviews and subsequent research questions for each of the research topics