Message from the Chair

Kathleen BrinegarWelcome to the Middle Level Education Research (MLER) SIG of the American Educational Research Association (AERA). We are an active community of scholars focusing on engaging in and disseminating research that affirms and celebrates the diversity of young adolescents by disrupting and transforming middle level education in equitable and just ways. It is my pleasure to serve as the chair of this SIG, which has served as my professional home for over a decade.

As a SIG, we are acutely aware of the many tragedies and challenges we continue to face as a nation and as an international community. More than ever, we are thinking about the importance of community and collective action as we not only work to thrive but create change during these challenging times. What does it mean to be leaders and influencers in the field of middle level education as the rights of so many continue to be eliminated and schools continue to be sites of mass causalities (both physically and emotionally)? What does it mean to be the creators of knowledge while the identities of so many young adolescents and middle level educators are being erased? And how do we continue to explore ways for middle schools to be joyful places of learning where all experiences are validated, and all identities are affirmed? I am mindful of the work of Bettina Love who discussed the importance of having a lane within activist and change work. I believe that our lane as researchers is to think critically about questions like these and to use any power we have to actively plan, conduct, and disseminate research that incites people to act.

The MLER SIG provides many opportunities for members to engage in this important work through our graduate student and early career mentoring programs, opportunities to share research at AERA and AMLE’s (Association of Middle Level Education) annual conferences, collaborative research opportunities, and the elevation of research through our annual awards.

If you are interested in becoming a part of our vibrant community, we encourage you to join our SIG and engage with us through our social media (Facebook / Twitter- @mlersig)

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We look forward to engaging with you.

Kathleen Brinegar