Volume VII: An International Look at Educating Young Adolescents

handbook7Edited by Steven B. Mertens, Vincent A. Anfara, Jr., and Kathleen Roney
Published by Information Age.

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Introduction—Comparative and International Education and Middle Level Education
Research: A World of Possibilities
David C. Virute.

Young Adolescent Education in Turkey
Serkan Özel, Z. Ebrar Yetkiner, Robert M. Capraro, and Ali Rza Küçük

Educating Young Adolescents in Lebanon
Huda Ayyash-Abdo, Rima Bahous, and Mona Nabhani.

The United Arab Emirates: Educating Young Adolescents
Toni Sills-Briegel, Sharon Lynne Bryant, and Wafa Abdul-Rahman Al Hashimi

Playing Catch-Up: Leveling Education for Young Adolescent Students in India
Supriya Baily

The Awakening of Young Adolescent Education in the People’s Republic of China
Lisa Hervey, Hiller A. Spires, and Junzheng Zhang

Education Fever and Exam Hell: The Current Educational Systems and Issues in South Korea
Bogum Yoon

Middle Schooling in New Zealand
Tony Dowden, Penny Bishop, and C. J. Patrick Nolan

Educating Young Adolescents in Australia
Martin Dowson

Rwanda’s Audacity: A Story of Hope at the Middle Level
Kathleen F. Malu

An International Look at Educating Young Adolescents in South Africa
Paul Webb

Educating the Russian Young Adolescent: Adopting the “Best from the
West” While Maintaining the “Strengths of the Past”
Inna Gorlova and David Anderson

Middle-School Education in Germany
Sigrid Blömeke, Johannes König, and Anja Felbrich

Educating Young Adolescents in the Republic of Ireland: Toward a “New Young Ireland”
Aaron Thornburg and Hiller A. Spires

Educating Young Adolescents in Brazil, Evely Boruchovitch
José Aloyseo Bzuneck, and Marília Saldanha da Fonseca

Concluding Thoughts—Tying it All Together With a Comparative Look at the
Education of Young Adolescents
Vincent A. Anfara, Jr., Steven B. Mertens, and Kathleen Roney.