Volume VIII: Voices from the Middle: Narrative Inquiry By, For and About the Middle Level Community

voicesEdited by Kathleen F. Malu
Published by Information Age

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Preface, Stefinee Pinnegar and Cheryl Craig

Introduction: Narratives in the Middle, Kathleen F. Malu

Walking in the “Swampy Lowlands”: What It Means to be a Middle Level Narrative Inquirer, Jeong-Hee Kim

The Lived Experiences of Middle School English Language Learners: Shifting Identities Between Classrooms, Bogum Yoon

Xavier and the Bully Box: Immigrant Adolescent Girls in a Bully-Free World, Cathy Coulter

It’s Not Black and White: Stories of Lived Experience, Reading, and Assessments, Susan V. Piazza

Adolescent Readers’ Voices, Carole S. Rhodes

From Loathing to Love: Sandy’s Reading Journey, Mary Beth Schaefer

“This is the Way it is:” The Experiences of Preservice Middle School Teachers Integrating Instruction With High Stakes Test Preparation, Steven L. Turner

Reclaiming Camelot: Capturing the Reflections of Exemplary, Veteran Middle School Teachers in an Age of High Stakes Testing and Accountability Through Narrative Inquiry, Nancy Fichtman Dana, Darby Claire Delane, and Paul George

Teaching to the Middle in Australia: Four Teachers Tell Their Stories, Nan Bahr and Donna Pendergast

Reflections on Shared Middle Level Experiences: A Case Study, Shirley M. Matteson, Richard M. Fletcher, Tamera Tidwell, and Doris I. Garrett

The Middle Level Literacy Coach: Navigating Multiple Roles in Context, Anthony T. Smith

Middle Level Education Through the Window of a Writer’s Workshop: Developmentally Responsive Education, Rita S. Brause

Can a K-8 School Address the Needs of Adolescents? Nancy Bell Ruppert

“Sit Tight”: The Uneasy Alliance Between Freedom and Control in a Middle School Classroom, Ruth Vinz

Parent Involvement and Student Success: Black and White in the Middle, Kathleen F. Malu

Locating an Authorial Voice: Engaging a School Reform Debate Through the Roles of Mother, Teacher, Community Member, and University Professor, Cynthia C. Reyes

The Family Learning Institute: Committed to Improving the Reading Skills of Middle Level Learners, Denise L. McLurkin

Recommendations and Resources for Narrative Inquiry and Research, Kathleen F. Malu