The Handbook of Resources in Middle Level Education


  • The Online Classroom: Resources for Effective Middle Level Virtual Education
    Edited by Brooke B. Eisenbach and Paula Greathouse
  • Instructions for Submitting a Volume Proposal


The Encyclopedia of Middle Grades Education (2nd ed.)
Steven B. Mertens, Illinois State UniversityMicki M. Caskey, Portland State University
Nancy Flowers, CPRD / University of Illinois

Clinical Preparation at the Middle Level
Practices and Possibilities 
Penny B. Howell, University of LouisvilleJan Carpenter, Maryhurst UniversityJeanneine Jones, 
University of North Carolina at Charlotte

The Legacy of Middle School Leaders
In their Own Words
Tracy W. Smith, Appalachian State University; C. Kenneth McEwin, Professor Emeritus, Appalachian State University