Volume I: The Handbook of Research in Middle Level Education

handbookEdited by Vincent A. Anfara, Jr.
Published by Information Age Publishing Inc. (2001)
ISBN 01-930608-73-X cloth
ISBN 01-930608-72-1 paper

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Setting the Stage: An Introduction to Middle Level Education
Vincent A. Anfara, Jr.

Part I: Current Research on the Status of the Middle School Concept: A Critical Look at Middle Level Reform from the 1980s to the Present

1. Advisor-Advisee Programs: Community Building in a State of Affective Disorder
Vincent A. Anfara, Jr. and Kathleen M. Brown

2. Get the Big Picture of Teaming: Eliminate Isolation and Competition Through Focus, Leadership and Professional Development
Kathleen M. Brown

3. The Effective Middle School Teacher: Inwardly Integrated, Outwardly Connected
Kathleen Roney

4. Middle School Curriculum
Richard Powell and Laura Van Zandt Allen

5. Flexible Scheduling and Young Adolescent Development
Dave F. Brown

Part II: Moving Middle Level Reform into the 21st Century

6. New teacher Staffing and Comprehensive Middle School Reform: Philadelphia’s Experience
Elizabeth Useem

7. Rethinking Middle Level Teacher Education for the 21st Century: A Systems Approach
Juan Necochea, Laura P. Stowell, Janet E. McDaniel, Maureen Lorimer, and Charlotte Kritzer

8. Middle Level Leadership for the 21st Centure: Principal’s Views on Essentila Skills and Knoweldge; Implications for Successful Preparation
Vincent A. Anfara, Jr., Kathleen M. Brown, Rebecca Mills, Kimberly Hartman, and Robert J. Mahar

9. Point to Point: Turnign Points to Turning Points 2000
Gayle A. Davis