Volume III: Leaders for a Movement: Professional Preparation and Development of Middle Level Teachers and Administrators

handbook3Edited by P. Gayle Andrews and Vincent A. Anfara, Jr.
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Leaders for a Movement: An Introduction to Professional Preparation and Development of Middle Level Teachers and Administrators,
P.Gayle Andrews and Vincent A. Anfara, Jr.

Part I: Professional Preparation and Development of Middle Level Teachers.

Chapter 1: Middle Level Teacher Preparation: Status, Progress, and Challenges
C. Kenneth McEwin, Thomas S. Dickinson, & Tracy W. Smith

Chapter 2: When Puberty Defines Middle School Students: Challenging Secondary Education Majors’
Perceptions of Middle Level Students, Schools, and Teaching
Angela J. Lexmond

Chapter 3: Preparing Middle Level Teachers in Field-Based Cohorts
Micki M. Caskey

Chapter 4: Approaching and Avoiding the Middle: Teacher Preparation in New Zealand
C. J. Patrick Nolan, Ruth G. Kane, & Peter Lind

Chapter 5: Professional Development and the Middle School: Tangled Threads
Thomas S. Dickinson, Deborah A. Butler, & M. Michele Pittard

Chapter 6: Effective Professional Development: What Is It?
P.Elizabeth Pate & Katherine F. Thompson

Chapter 7: Professional Development for Middle Grades Teachers: Does One Size Fit All?
Nancy Flowers & Steven B. Mertens

Chapter 8: National Board Certification as Staff Development: A Teacher’s Perspective
Timothy M. Mullen & P. Gayle Andrews

Part II: Professional Preparation and Development of Middle Level Administrators

Chapter 9: Leadership Standards or Leaving Standardization for Leadership? What Best Meets
the Needs of a Middle Level Movement During Times of Severe Turbulence?
Steven Jay Gross

Chapter 10: Voices from the Middle: Pre-Service Preparation and Professional Development
of Middle School Principals
Vincent A. Anfara, Jr. & Kathleen M. Brown

Chapter 11: Support for New and Experienced Middle Level Principals: A Proposed Model
for Professional Development
Vicki N. Petzko

Chapter 12: Distributed Leadership in the Middle Grades: Lessons from School Self-Assessment
Pritha Gopalan & Alexandra T. Weinbaum

Chapter 13: Leadership for Results
Ronald Williamson & Susan Galletti

Chapter 14: Leadership Self-Efficacy: Beginning an Inquiry into the Development
and Impact of Middle School Principal Leadership
Stephen E. Lucas

Chapter 15: A Constructivist Approach to Developing Transformational Urban School Leaders
Sue C. Thompson, Donna M. Davis, Loyce Caruthers, & Larry Gregg

Chapter 16: Stranger in a Strange Land: School Climate, Theory, and Practice
Mark T. Miles

Part III: Resources.
Chapter 17: Early Adolescent Developmental Psychology Syllabus
T. Chris Riley-Tillman

Chapter 18: Elementary School and Middle School Curriculum Syllabus
Richard P. Lipka

Chapter 19: The National Forum’s Policy Statement on Teacher Preparation
The National Forum to Accelerate Middle-Grades Reform

Chapter 20: Guidelines for Observation and Participation in the Classroom
P. Maureen Musser & Rosalyn Edelson

Chapter 21: Turning Points: Some Questions to Ask
Sally N. Clark & Donald C. Clark

Chapter 22: Using Structured Interviews to Facilitate Reflection and Systematic School Improvement
Donald C. Clark & Sally N. Clark

Chapter 23: Eastern Kentucky University’s Middle Grades Methods
Dorie Combs, Melinda Wilder, Keith Kull, Sara Moore, Faye Newsome, Rodney White, & John Brown

Chapter 24: Middle Grades Master Teacher Interview Guide
Holly Thornton

Chapter 25: Tomorrow’s Teachers Today: A Symposium on Middle Level Teacher Preparation:
Summary Session—A Professional Development Technique
Mary Henton

Chapter 26: Middle Level Teacher Education Questionnaire
Paul D. Deering & Barbara DeBaryshe

Chapter 27: Kimo’s Not-So-Excellent Day in Intermediate School: A Parable about Life in
Traditional Middle Level Schools
Paul D. Deering