Volume V: Making a Difference: Action Research in Middle Level Education

handbook5Edited by Micki M. Caskey

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Introduction: Taking Action in Middle Level Education
                      Micki M. Caskey

Chapter 1: Action Research for Middle Level Educational Professionals
Joanne M. Arhar

Chapter 2: Effects of Young Adolescents’ Perceived Motivators on Academic Achievement and Self-Efficacy
Laila Y. Sanguras

Chapter 3: The Use of Manipulatives in Mathematics
Theresa A. Shrum

Chapter 4: Teacher Collaboration: The Missing Link in Inclusive Education
Diane Stanton

Chapter 5: Experiencing Action Research: A Preservice Collaborative Team Studies a Middle School in Crisis
Sandra L. Stacki

Chapter 6: On the Job Training: Action Research in a Middle Level Alternative Certification Program
Melinda Wilder, Dorie Combs, & Cynthia Resor

Chapter 7: Using Action Research for Aspiring Middle Level Administrators: Going Beyond the Traditional Practicum Experience
Sue C. Thompson, Larry Gregg, & Loyce Caruthers

Chapter 8: Selecting Master Teachers in a Professional Development School: Inquiry and Action using Peer Evaluation
Holly J. Thorton

Chapter 9: Creating Effective Middle Schools through Inquiry: Conversations with Practitioners
Heidi Bulmahn Barker & Carole Basile

Chapter 10: “Just Pretending to Read”: Teaching Middle School Students to be Strategic Readers
                     Penny A. Bishop, Nick Boke, Susanna W. Pflaum, & Ned Kirsch

Chapter 11: Collaborative Team Action Research in the Middle Grades: A Tool for Professional Development
                     Dan R. Saurino, Penelope L. Saurino, & Linda Crawford

Chapter 12: Framing an Urban School-University Partnership: A Critical Analysis
Kathleen F. Malu

Chapter 13: Using Research to Refine School Improvement in the Middle-Grades: Perspectives from Middle Start
   Pritha Gopalan , Teri West, Patrick Montesano & Steve Hoelscher

Chapter 14: Recommendations and Resources for Action Research
                     Micki M. Caskey